Session 3 Audrey T2

Spent a good amount of time on the nose tonight, very happy with the way it came out.

Looking at the previous version, I feel like I am leading more from redoing the Audrey piece.  I think having read the notes again and doing the excersises that were ment to be done before I even started each section.  I now feel as though it was rushed or there wasn't enough teaching time spent with me during the lessons, I will mention that when I start again middle of October.

I am looking forward to finishing this piece off, so I can start on Frank. I find Audrey not exciting even though she is a beautiful woman, it might also be that I feel that I am not doing the image the justice it deserves.

I am going to work on the ear next, I am more confident that I will paint it correctly, also I have to find the side of a skull that I can use as a reference for the small piece I am doing.


Session 2 Audrey

Spent 3 hours on it tonight.


Class work

Just doing the eyes.


Older Works.