Golum completed.

Completed the Golum texture class work tonight. I did the finer detail by added more texture to the dark areas above the eyes, well the frowns, made his lip a little more pronounced added in a missing tooth, like he has many to start with and I go and take one away, once done it was ready for the transparent colours to be applied.

I used the colour by, making his skin have a purple hue to it, his lips and nose have spots of pink (red) and finally his eye with a nice blue. I felt that I could have done more detail within the piece but I learned a lot about doing textures and when I went back to fix some areas I found that my hand/arm did the right amount of shaking without it hurting so my muscle memory kicked in and it felt natural.

I feel that I have learned a new technique so I am very happy with that, even if the work didn't have my personal preference for being detailed. The next bits of art are small and it will be done from observation alone, I am excited about that as it opens up another layer of art that I want to experience.