Attempting Hair and Wrinkle Textures tonight

First Attempt
Thought I would give myself a challenge and have a crack at hair and wrinkle textures, I downloaded a sample from one of the airbrush sites that had the lines and the reference texture next to them.

The first one I did, I tried to use the method as explained from the airbrush site, not real happy with the result but it's a result and was hard to try and match up the reference lines of someone else.

The second one was a better attempt, but, for me it lacked style as shown in the reference picture.  I tried going in close to get the fine lines but they just came out too sharp compared to the reference picture. 

The third I attempted it using my own experience and focused on what I saw and what strokes I needed to do so I could reproduce it, not happy with it but I felt a lot more comfortable doing it my way.

Both the wrinkle and hair textures I attempted were doing it with the same mindset for both, the authors way, a mix of the author and mine and finally mine.  
Second Attempt

While not stunning I did learn a number of things tonight:
1.       I really don't like using other peoples mark up as I don't know what they had in mind when they did the mark up.
2.       I gained better control over smaller strokes.
3.       I played around with a ½ reduced black paint, which I found gave me great control over the intensity of the line or shade I was doing.
4.       I LOVE working in my studio with the way I have set it up, I find working in class that there just isn't enough light  for me to see exactly what is going on with the paint.
Third Attempt
Overall all it was a good night of experimenting and practice all rolled into one.