Idea for a painting.

On the way home tonight, I had an idea for a painting and figured I would describe it and maybe one day be able to paint it..
It's in the shape of a tree trunk with branches that are in the shape of my tattoo.

With the two major orbs are represented inside a glass spheres;
The yin yan, the black would be a sphere of fire that is leaving a trail of fire with a blue water dot in the center.  The white circle is a sphere of water leaving a tail of water, with the dot as a little ball of fire. This is occurring within the glass sphere which is being held by a branch that looks like 3 fingers.

The wheel of life is also 3 spheres with tails, I haven't figured out how to represent birth, life and death; but the colours white, blue and black.

Each of the star signs will also be in orbs, the colour of the appropriate star sign and a symbol of that star sign.
I am not sure about the outer two orbs, but I am sure something will arise that makes it mine.