Day 2 Custom Graphics Course.

It's been a couple of weeks since I did the second day now, I have just found enough time to write about it and post up some of the results of the day.  I had as much fun on the second day as I did the first, this time with two projects, the first was using marbleise to create a marble effect behind a flame. I used the same flame design as I had on the previous day since the stencil was already cut out and easily done, this time using a 3mm outline tape not the 6mm I used the day before.  It was good to have creative freedom to pain this one as well, but the emphasis was on the background on the the flame its self.

Using Green and yellow candies on over
the marble base gives it an amazing look.

Here it is the mask removed,
the blue pin stripe tape is still visible.

Some final choices on the colours and where I wanted the red.
After this project, we went on to create a space scene, which was a lot easier than I thought it would be but result was pretty damn good.  The scene wasn't just what we did, it was also creating the illusion of a metal border with pop rivets and rust where ever we wanted.  The result is below.
Final Result
I really liked it when it was just the space scene so here its, I wasn't convinced about the border but it was more about how to go about it than what the final result was.
The scene before I put the border around it.

Here it is again inside the spray booth
and without the planet or moon.
I had a blast and it has given me so many ideas for future projects.  Hopefully when I get my paints and other bits sorted I can start on my first personal project.