Frank Sinatra

Worked on Frank tonight in class, my focus tonight was to complete the hair so that it would give the picture shape, I looked at the reference and filled in the line detail of the hair then used lifting lines to even them out and then blacked out the rest. This seemed to work pretty well enough, I will revisit it later to work out how to put some highlights if I have time next week.

After feeling good about the hair, I focused on the hand see if I could get that nice 3d effect to make the hand pop. I got pretty close with the fingers and the inside of the palm, felt like I was coming into my own as I was doing the lines and shapes.

Levonne demanded that I do the frown lines but use white, I had to turn the picture upside down. Which made it easier to do the half lines, I strained the white through a stocking and also watered it down so that it would flow the the iwatta brush smoother but I think it was too much, it go me thinking about buying a white with its own thinker so that I get a smoother white and that I am not fighting to get it through the brush smoothly.

So I had a very successful night and I am happy with the result.